Our Mission

StealthPoint International was founded on a vision to re-image the security industry into a highly customizable suite of product offerings that spans the entire security spectrum while understanding that each Client is unique and one size does not fit all.  Through our extensive network, decades of experience and strategic partnerships, we are able offer a large array of services,  ranging from Security Consultation/Risk Management and Security Services to Special Investigations and Training.

By combining years of experience with a vast intelligence and operational network, we have the unique ability to provide comprehensive solutions to a global market. Our team of professionals executes under the highest industry standards. Our goal is to deliver a “best in class” experience and always look for new ways to raise the bar.


Consulting and Investigations

In todays turbulent security climate, with threats ranging from Worldwide Health Pandemics to Active Shooter incidents, companies and organizations have been forced to re-examine current security policies and procedures. Whether large, small, public or private—institutions simply cannot afford to be unprepared.

Please allow SPI's experienced, diverse team of security consultants the opportunity to work with you in developing, implementing and testing security plans and procedures.


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Security Services

SPI offers a range of services to enhance security, productivity and business continuity during a time when Global Threats and Domestic Unrest are making our world increasingly unpredictable and uncertain.

Whether the need is for a uniformed guard presence at an event or full trip planning for a multi-country low profile protection detail, our agents are experienced and ready to step in at a moments notice to ensure our Clients receive a best in class service experience.

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Training Academy

At SPI Academy, we are committed to providing comprehensive training methodology that has been proven successful in real-world tactical environments.  We accomplish this goal by applying relevant instruction with practical application to ensure our students leave with both knowledge and understanding.  We are committed to sharing best practices through cutting-edge training and state of the art technology in a safe, professional learning environment.

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Ballistic Hardening

Safe Haven Defense - Texas is a subsidiary company of StealthPoint International and is a licensed distributor and installer of Safe Haven Defense Ballistic Laminate in Texas, Florida and North Carolina.

Safe Haven Defense manufactures a Security Laminate that protects property and provides a first line of defense against Severe Weather, Criminal Intrusion, Explosive Forces and even Bullets.

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How can we serve you?

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